According to the American Association of Association, more than 35 million visit American chiropractors on an annual basis. But what's the reason behind their regular visit? There might be several reasons for their visit due as constant neck pain, back pain, headaches, and other problems.

Before starting your chiropractic treatment, there is a need to ask a few questions that can help you make your final decision. In this article, we have compiled a list of 8 common questions to be asked before choosing an auto accident chiropractor.

List of Questions that you need to Ask your Chiropractor

Below we have mentioned some of the important questions to be asked by auto accident chiropractors.

1. What Techniques do you use?

In total, there are seven main types of chiropractic adjustments used by expert chiropractic professionals, namely:

  • Diversified techniques
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Thompson drop-table technique
  • Gonstead adjustment
  • Activator method
  • Flexion distraction
  • Spinal decompression

Considered by several best chiropractors in San Jose CA, the most effective technique used by them is the Gonstead procedure. This procedure uses several examination methods to pinpoint what is the main reason behind the pain in the patient's body.

2. How many Sessions will be needed?

Typically, patients undergo chiropractic care for multiple sessions. Depending on the level of your problem, you have to go in several times a week. After initial examination and diagnosis, the auto accident chiropractor will create a fixed plan for you and offer treatment accordingly.

3. What are the Potential Side Effects?

Serious complications associated with chiropractic care are unclear and ambiguous before the treatment but could include some complications such as herniated disk, nerve compression, and other specific conditions. It is completely normal to experience mild side effects for a few days but it should not last longer than a week.

Chiropractic care offers a multitude of benefits with few potential risks. However, it is important to get your treatment done by professional experts to avoid any major complications during the treatment.

4. Will you take X-rays?

Ensure your auto accident chiropractor is willing to get your X-rays done of the affected areas to treat you in a much better way. This will help your chiropractor to understand if there are any internal injuries, fractures, or medical conditions or not.

X-rays offer a clear picture to your chiropractor about the alignment of your body and let them develop a plan for you accordingly.

5. Do you offer Payment Plans?

Payment plans show the true picture of a chiropractic center. If a clinic doesn't offer payment plan options then it might be considered as a red flag. Because they are here only for the business not to understand the patient's financial conditions.

That's why it is important to choose the best chiropractor in San Jose CA that offers payment plans. Also, it is important to follow how long you will have to settle the final amount.

You can also compare the plans of other clinics to get the best budget-friendly and convenient chiropractor.

6. How Long Will Treatment Last?

If a chiropractor tells you how long it will take your treatment to complete, then you should not consider him/her. No one can tell you the real problem and duration without an in-depth analysis of your body. A good chiropractor won't be able to offer a guideline about the length of the treatment.

7. Will Chiropractic Care Help Patient's Issues?

Chiropractic care can help treat your problems with their treatments. One of the best questions to ask is whether chiropractic care will help cure your treatment or not. Several different types of problems and injuries can be cured by these newly developed chiropractors.

8. What is Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic treatments require manual manipulations of the different parts including different joints, spinal cords, and soft tissues. A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which an auto accident chiropractor uses their hands or another instrument to treat their patients.


To conclude, finding the best chiropractor in San Jose CA can become an easy task if you have asked the above-mentioned questions to the chiropractor before finalizing the appointment. If you're in quest for the best chiropractor in San Jose CA, then look no further than backtobackchiro.

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